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HeadshotKatherine Han

Katherine Han

Katherine is a public relations professional specializing in Travel, Hospitality and Lifestyle. Keeping a small client roster allows for better focus, better planning, and better results. Her philosophy is simple – when building a communications strategy for a client, you must first immerse yourself in the client’s vision and mission.

“It gives me great pleasure to share my experience of working with Katherine Han. Katherine has been representing Ananda in the Himalayas for PR and media relations in the United States since 2021. Through this time, she has displayed professionalism, commitment, and dedication to present Ananda as the world’s leading wellness retreat. Katherine has developed a complete understanding of the brand’s culture, values and objectives and upholds them with utmost sincerity. She has exemplary relations with media which has helped create several new opportunities for Ananda with leading publications, contributors, and readers. Besides ongoing inclusions in relevant industry coverage, where she has been most effective is in creating in-depth features with comprehensive experiential narratives. She is strategic in her approach and always ahead of the curve in terms of industry knowledge, which helps us address new trends and insights proactively.”

Mahesh Natarajan, Chief Operating Officer, Ananda in the Himalayas


“Katherine is fantastic to work with because she’s one of those rare PR people that understands how the pitching, commissioning, and publishing process works from start to finish. It makes working with her a breeze.”

Katie Lockhart, Journalist


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