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HeadshotKatherine Han

Katherine Han

Katherine is a public relations professional specializing in Travel, Hospitality and Lifestyle. Keeping a small client roster allows for better focus, better planning, and better results. Her philosophy is simple – when building a communications strategy for a client, you must first immerse yourself in the client’s vision and mission.

“In our ever-evolving town, Katherine’s flexibility and personal embrace of the vision that unites our many parts has translated into narratives that resonate deeply with our audience. Katherine seamlessly intertwines her professionalism with a genuine appreciation for our destination that translates into authenticity around our stories.”

Renae Johnson, Director of Marketing and Sales, Las Catalinas, Costa Rica


“Katherine is fantastic to work with because she’s one of those rare PR people that understands how the pitching, commissioning, and publishing process works from start to finish. It makes working with her a breeze.”

Katie Lockhart, Journalist


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