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Katherine Han – Biography

Following a love for writing that began at an early age, Katherine Han’s introduction to public relations started by taking a chance as an unpaid intern for a music booking agency on Haight Street in San Francisco. Representing bands and musicians and booking talent at a Bay Area club, Katherine spent her days doing what she loves best, writing – and the writing was endless with all the press releases, press kit materials, media alerts, promotional materials and contracts. Waitressing at two different restaurants nights and weekends so she could intern during the day, she was knee deep in publicity, promotions, marketing, and public relations and loving every minute of it.  It was there that she learned that there’s a story in everything and it’s all in how you craft and communicate the story so that people will listen.

Over 25 years later, Katherine has followed her enthusiasm for writing and communications and has built an impressive career in the public relations industry in both the corporate and agency sectors. She has climbed Machu Picchu three times, gone sandboarding in the Peruvian desert, slept in world-renowned hotels and eaten at internationally lauded restaurants, all in the name of work, fun and passion. She has developed a versatile, multi-faceted background in public relations and communications with expertise in media relations, crafting and pitching story angles, brand messaging and strategic planning, press kit development, designing media tours and roadshows nationwide, on-site public relations support, hosting and implementing press tours and junkets domestically and internationally, event management, community relations, issues management, crisis communications, new business development and more.

As a public relations consultant specializing in travel, hospitality and luxury lifestyles, Katherine has worked with some of the best travel public relations agencies in the industry representing an impressive client roster of the most recognized hotels, restaurants, spas, travel outfitters, destinations and industry hospitality leaders in the world.  As the founder of her own public relations consultancy firm, she has represented and represents clients on a global scale. In July of 2017, she was selected as the North American PR agency by the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) and single-handedly executed all public relations and media relations campaigns in the US for the tourism board until January of 2019. One of her defining achievements with the SLTA was securing a cover feature story on the front page of the travel section of The San Diego Union-Tribune. This story was syndicated to over 60 daily newspapers throughout the US in print and digital versions. The PR Value from this one article equaled approximately $157,200USD with a print circulation of over 527,059 and online unique visitors per month of 48,807,176.