Writing & Interviews

Katherine’s clients have benefited from her creative contributions to magazine articles and interviews, where she has combined her personal wellness journey with her clients’ products. The video above, for example, shows wellness activities at Las Catalinas in Costa Rica, where Katherine is taking part.

As a female entrepreneur, Katherine has represented women-founded and owned travel companies, including Eat Like a Local Mexico City, Traveling Spoon, Wild Terrains, Naya Traveler, Casa Delphine and more.

Articles & Features

‘Women’s Health’

Published in the May/June 2022 issue of Women’s Health Magazine, Katherine is interviewed about how self-forgiveness helped in her recovery from breast cancer.

‘The Girlfriend from AARP’

Katherine is featured as one of several women sharing their transformational trips for this article in “The Girlfriend from AARP” about “Women’s Best Vacations Ever” and talks about her trip to Las Catalinas in Costa Rica.

‘Trail Runner’

Published in the Spring 2022 issue of Trail Runner Magazine, Katherine writes about what running means to her and her appreciation for places that respect the environment, such as Las Catalinas in Costa Rica.

‘Artful Living’

One of five world travelers interviewed about their life-changing journeys, Katherine shares her healing experience in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica, in Artful Living Magazine.


Featured in SHAPE Magazine’s October 2021 issue as their “Everyday Athlete”, Katherine talks about how she reached a turning point in her recovery on the trails in Las Catalinas in Costa Rica and how running helped her recover and heal.